4:8 Youth

Age range: High Schoolers+
Friday 7.30pm-10.00pm
Oasis Youth & Community Centre

4:8 Youth

This is our main youth gathering where most of the madness, socialising and learning about God happens. We normally start off with some time to catch up with mates and buy sweets before we kick off the main part of the meeting. More often than not we begin with loud, loony and lively games.

This is then followed by our meeting time where we begin with sung worship led by our youth band, then we will listen to a talk given by one of our leaders or a guest speaker. We believe in God's word and the power it has to help us grow into disciples of Jesus so all our talks will be full of the Bible because we love it. After the talk we discuss what has been said and spend time responding perhaps in prayer or other creative ways often splitting into small groups.

We like to keep things different so no week will be exactly the same as the last. We like to break up the usual meeting pattern with different things such as debates around current issues, question times, prayer meetings and socials. In the past we have gone ice skating, on walks, to Dixons Ice Cream, bowling and been to Castle Hill. It's a great way to start the weekend. And, of course, there's the famous annual youth weekend away! So if you haven’t been along before it would be great to see you.

Why the name 4:8 Youth?

I think in order to create a culture within a youth group which is united and moving in the same direction you need a clear vision. Our vision is that James 4:8 tells us that when we draw near to God he will draw near to us. That promise covers everything we do whether singing praises to God or listening to teaching from the Bible or talking to friends and playing games in all we do we can draw near to God and he promises to draw near to us and when we are close to God there is no better place to be.


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